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Emotional approach is quite useful in determining the success of our presentation session in order to achieve certain behavior impact. DoctorSlide sees 4 emotions that can be 'intentionally' created or raised to make the audience focus more on the core of the topic. What is it for us? The audience will draw conclusions more quickly and precisely, means you are achieving your goal easier.

Happy Emotion

This positive emotional approach is usually delivered within a presentation that tends to give good news. The presenter can also throw questions leading to funny or happy things (example: "what kind of happiest moment that make focus when studying?"). A happy emotional approach will provide a great opportunity for presenters to offer their solutions so that the topic can be connected with positive feelings and received well by the audience.

Quick Tips: make sure your tone is cheerful and with a passionate intonation.

Sad Emotion

Sad feeling will certainly influence the audience to think deeper related your topic. For example, the presenter tells about how difficult it is to be a homeless who has to support 5 children everyday. This will create sad emotion along with empathy from the audience which is help the presenter to connect to the solution on how we can help to minimize or prevent the same cases in the future. This is where your brand/solution is offered as right decision to cure that sad problem. Audiences will tend to correlate this with their current condition and if they are agreeing with your case then impact will be determined as you wish. This type of emotion typically suitable for those presentation with insurance or financial consultation related topic.

Quick Tips: use pauses when delivering the topic as a reinforcement of your emotions and make sure the eye contact goes well.

Angry Emotion

Major negative feelings are usually synonymous with angry emotion. This emotion can bring questions to the audience why something can happen. In other words, it will cause curious effects. It is suitable if you want to say about technology solutions to solve difficult problems in society, for example, congestion is getting worse or chaotic attitude or chaos hospital condition due to lack of queue awareness.

Quick Tips: use high intonation or questions to blend the audience with that certain condition (eg: "How come there are parents who get hearted ...? Or" Imagine if the victim is you? ")

Fear Emotion

Fear can also be an emotional approach that can be done. Usually this is suitable to be a case study / example to give a presentation related to the public appeal. For example, the content of the presentation about how terrible the effects of drugs in causing fear for the audience so that they are expected to be aware and be able to avoid drugs.

Quick Tips: similar with sad approach, use pauses in each of your words to further strengthen the emotions (don't talk too fast). Make sure your face expresses fear too.

Along with those emotional which reflected by how you are talking and mimicking, don't forget to equip your presentation slides with the same theme/mood. Contact DoctorSlide for further design assistance!

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Disclaimer: this article originated written in Bahasa and being translated using Google Translate hence please understand if there's any mistake of tenses and/or misunderstanding that occurred. Read the original version by switch this web to Bahasa version on upper right button. Thank you for reading!

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