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Working on a presentation together with coworker can be very helpful for you in speed up the duration of work. However, if you are not carefully manage the working phase, this could be dangerous for your working relationship. So, how can we set a good work rhythm to make the presentation finish on time and strengthen your working relationship with coworker?

Set Clear Purpose and Direction of the Presentation

The first thing you have to do is to make everybody on the same page, moreover the purpose of presentation itself. Why this presentation important? To whom will the presentation be presented? Why is it important for you to complete a presentation together? With the same background in mind, you can start working together more effectively and avoid misunderstandings from the beginning.

Determine the working portion based on expertise

Even if you are randomly appointed to join a group in the office to complete the presentation, then you must believe that each has their own expertise. It is better to have a joint discussion in determining the working portion. For example, Person A from the Corporate Communication division will be suitable to deliver presentation, while Person B from the Research & Development division will be suitable to provide data for processing into presentation content. Make sure each colleague who is given the assignment must agree in advance so that everything takes place fairly.

Set Equal Deadlines

Furthermore, it is important to be committed to managing deadline for everyone so nobody left behind. You can use a simple table or set on your email calendar regarding each deadline. It will be even better if every night at certain hours you do quick check each member's status and obstacles (if any). Maximize chat channel like WhatsApp or LINE for daily updates.

Choose One Person as Project Manager

If there are more than 4 people in one group, then you should decide one as a project manager. His job? Ensure that all work takes place, connect / help solve obstacles, until proof reading / quality control in the last stage so that the presentation content is in line with expectations at the beginning.

Outsource if needed

Outsource is the easiest step to complete parts that we are not familiar with. For example, you can save more time by outsourcing the presentation design by reaching out team. Make sure all of team members notice about every decision and that's what make you solid as a team. Best of luck!

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