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Audiences attend a presentation session not literally because they think it's an important session. Sometimes they just curious or feel mandatory because of some rules hence they decide to attend a session. They are usually judge whether they are making the right decision or not by the first 10 minutes after speaker speaks. Therefore, it is very important to create a mindset that your presentation session is important in their eyes so you can gather all attention and make process of transferring knowledge becomes easier. Then, how to make it happen? Do we have to directly say that our presentation session is important to them? DoctorSlide summarizes some of following tips that you can easily apply.

Treat Audience as Important Persons

Before asking an audience to consider your session important, you should appreciate their attendance beforehand. It will create sense of how important they were in that room. By having this humble gesture, audience tend to appreciate what you are going to say. Start the session by saying thank you and how important they are in the room to support the presentation.

Show the Value of Your Presentation

To create "important" values, it's important for you to summarize and present the "Goal" or "Objectives" slides. Here, various direct and indirect benefits can be outlined from presentation session to the audience and their lives. Indirectly, you can also insert a number of consequences if they are abandon to closely consider your topic and that becomes valid reason why they need to pay full attention toward the entire session.


(Purpose) "Today I will present the topic of the risk of stock investment which is often bias in public. This is expected to provide you with a new perspective on how we can better criticize an action, especially investment in the stock sector."

(As a result) "If we tend to reject this topic, there will be lack of understanding about what the real investment is and illegal investment activity will still happen in our community. For sure, there will be countless losses in material and mental disruption for those who get trapped"

Match the Presentation Content and Design

Whether you realize it or not, content (words / data) and presentation design are two things that will always determine the quality of your presentation. Adjust your speech skills with actual content (based on fact) and professional design which will certainly build a positive credibility about you as speaker. The well prepared content and design of the presentation will reflect the readiness of speaker and how speaker value the presence of audience. Imagine, if you will meet somebody important, of course you will wear best dressing style and make sure everything as good as possible so that the counterpart will be impressed. Likewise with presentation session, show the best of yourself so that the audience also gives full attention to your session.

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