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If you got selected as presenter to deliver self-development training for your department or company, then it should be something good with your character that inspire the community. This good news should be aligned with the capability of communication that you will deliver throughout the session. Before jump too far, what kind of specific topic that you need to pick and fit the expectation from audiences?

Let's follow some easy steps below to determine the best topic.

Discover Audiences' Characters and Their Working Motivation

If you are going to present in front of internal employees in your company, it is mandatory for you to get to know the main characteristics and identity at the glance about them. Are they employee level staff or manager level? This information is essential and might affect on the topic that you will choose. Then, what is their main motivation to work? For millennials (born in the 80s), most of them are no longer just looking for money, some of them are working just for the sake of self-actualization and socialization. You may linkage your topic with those findings and for sure it's gonna catch their attention to focus on your session. Some examples of topics:

  • How to build Healthier Working Environment without Office Politic
  • How to Socially Contributing while Working
  • Integrity at Work
  • Learn to be A Good Leader

Know the Challenges

Again, if the session is going to be internally held, it will be easier to find out general obstacles faced by the audience. Why? Because usually the committee (or HR department) will explain the motive of why the session was conducted, that is generally to minimize the obstacles faced by the audience. Then after you aware of those obstacles, you can easily pick a topic how to face the challenges/obstacles. Remember, it is important that you also experienced in that specific topic. It would be better if the presentation content is directly projected in your life experience. Below are some examples:

  • Act Wisely toward Peer Pressure
  • The Right Path to Solve Generation Gaps
  • Preparing for Job Promotion
  • Appropriate Act toward Complaint by the Boss
  • Nurturing Growth Mindset for a Successful Career
  • Smooth and Communicative Presentations

Do a Quick Survey and Pick from the Majority

The next way is to do a quick survey of prospective audiences (only if you know who your potential audience is and are able to reach them). Throw simple questions like what they expect to learn, what topics are most interesting to them and what your preferences are for certain topics. After receiving the result and conclude the majority request, you can determine suitable topic for the audiences.

Adjust Back to Your Expertise

The last method is the easiest, which is adjusting to your own expertise. If you are a Marketing Manager, you can bring about communication topics to be proficient in marketing. Similarly, if you are a Chief Technology Officer (CTO), you can bring up good communication skill that uncommonly owned by IT Developers or helicopter's perspective to make important decision.

In short, you need to adjust the topic of what is expected by the audience so that the presentation session can be influential and benefit for both for the audience and the speaker. Don't forget to create better impression by having well-designed presentation slide with a professional touch from DoctorSlide team.

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Disclaimer: this article originated written in Bahasa and being translated using Google Translate hence please understand if there's any mistake of tenses and/or misunderstanding that occurred. Read the original version by switch this web to Bahasa version on upper right button. Thank you for reading!

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