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Moderator is someone who is trusted to control and direct the entire of a discussion/presentation activity with several speakers at once (or you might call it as talkshow presentation). Or sometimes for the sake of getting proper rundown, there might be moderator assigned to presentation with single speaker. The moderator turned out to be very important and therefore we should look at the characteristics of a qualified moderator so that everything can run smoothly.

The Role of a Moderator

The moderator is assigned to guide, manage, and even mediate when there is a conflict in communication in the middle of session. A moderator will act as key person for the entire topic to be discussed. Thus, the context of the discussion will not be out of topic.

In addition, the moderator also plays a role in throwing questions that are considered compulsory to be asked to the speaker so that the information / knowledge delivered can be more complete. And of course, moderator will help to summarize questions arise from audiences and help to create comfortable atmosphere during the entire session.

What Happens if There Is No Moderator?

To be sure, if you have more than 1 speaker at talkshow/presentation session, then committee will be difficult to control the direction of topic since no one act as the lead. Unless those speakers get quick brief before about their role/topic when rehearsing the activity. Or if you still decide not to use moderator then make sure each speaker deliver separately (not within 1 session at a time/talkshow)Moderator is not the same as the Master of Ceremony (MC)

Generally, people often get confused with the difference between moderator and MC. The moderator plays more important role than the MC. Although from several angles, the role looks pretty the same to guide the event, but the moderator also usually own capability in the area being discussed so the discussion can be carried out more intensely and deeply.

Good Moderator Criteria

Moderator should be the one who understand the topic. Even better if he/she is an expert in the field (for example when discussing political material, the moderator who has daily activities in the political field will be very recommended). Also, the moderator must be patient and good at communicating. Why? Because 80% of all conversations will be directed by the moderator, so it is important if the moderator is able to communicate well, can mediate the conversation if it triggers conflict (example: audience throw out-of-topic question) and also help recap / conclude the entire discussion that has been explained by all speakers. The rest of criteria will be adjusted based on your needs. Don't forget to provide a presentation session with a professional slide design so it will be equal with the moderator quality.

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