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In general, you may often hear the terms Intellectual Quotient (IQ) and Emotional Intelligence (EQ). The difference is very clear lies in the type of intelligence that is seeded. On IQ, we see how smart a person is based by his/her ability of reasoning / logic as well as the brain capability of digesting other knowledge. While EQ is more about capability in dealing with emotions (both positive and negative). Now what does this have to do with presentation session? It turns out that these two types of intelligence can influence the way our presentation constructed and reaching the expectation.

Intellectual Intelligence

When you are developing content for each presentation slide, your brain and mind work optimally. IQ is clearly very important here, if this topic is new to you, then it's good to learn from colleagues and experts in the field. IQ can only be further explored when you try to learn new things and do a deep understanding. IQ can be used to find appropriate data facts, finding match visual/photos and constructing the suitable copywriting to support your presentation content.

Emotional Intelligence

We will discuss more about EQ here. The role of EQ is when presenting. Why is it important? Because this emotional factor will determines how you are going to deliver the session. Expected emotional type that suitable for presentation is excitement. This positive emotion will help the audience to follow your session passionately. EQ also helps you to maintain eye contacts during the session.

So what about negative emotions? This usually happens when a problem / obstacle appears in the middle of your presentation. For example, participants who didn't focus and make disturbance (chat with others or just playing with phone). Your EQ works automatically to determine how you should act. You can directly scold the audience, but the impact will definitely worsening the atmosphere tense. It is better for you to ask to all audience to pay attention because of the importance of the topic itself.

  • "Ladies and gentlemen, your attention is highly required because it is very important toward our personal goals...."
  • "Please focus first on this topic. Thank you"

Or you can also stop for a moment to create a quiet condition (and usually those noisy participants will be aware and refocus). Remember, you don't need to put an angry face. Stay calm and smile during the session no matter what happened.

Another challenge related to EQ is when there are offensive questions toward your personality and create discomfort. The speaker must be smart at rearranging the mood and not carried away with emotional desires. Remember, you speak in front of other participants too, not only that specific participants who ask offensive question. You can politely refuse to answer without taking revenge to offend the participant.

  • "Sorry, it's not my capacity to answer on this question"
  • "Thank you for the question, I will help respond through email since we need to validate some statements beforehand"

Remember, not only you as a speaker who has EQ, the participants who are actually humans also have EQ. So any emotional issues should be solved in a win-win solution hence both parties can be open-minded to accept the solution offered.

EQ and Visual

Emotional intelligence is also closely related to the visualization of your presentation slides. Previously, DoctorSlide had mentioned that IQ is the one who helps you in choosing related images related to the topic. However, EQ can also help the IQ capability in choosing an image character that is able to provoke the psychology of the audience (not just pick the one who logically related but also emotionally excited). For example, for the topic of educational movement, IQ can just choose a picture of the book (because it's related with education). The role of EQ is to look for different angle of educational photos that evoke a spirit of solidarity, such as photos of elementary school children who walk past a steep bridge to go to school. So it can be said that IQ and EQ always go hand in hand in gathering good visuals. And certainly a visual presentation design that makes sense and is able to fuel positive emotions will provide maximum results for your presentation. You can always contact DoctorSlide for further assistance in terms of design and develop concept for sure. Good luck exploring your EQ!

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Disclaimer: this article originated written in Bahasa and being translated using Google Translate hence please understand if there's any mistake of tenses and/or misunderstanding that occurred. Read the original version by switch this web to Bahasa version on upper right button. Thank you for reading!

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