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Having a presentation session is certainly not as easy as chatting to old friends. This is because you need full focus to communicate what is on your mind to the audience so that it can be understood properly. DoctorSlide summarizes at least 5 things that the speakers are expected to know before the presentation begins. Knowing ahead of time will certainly provide a better preparation time for every speaker.

Motivating Audiences to Attend

It is crucial to know the biggest motivation of audience to attend your event. Are they really attracted to your topic and would like to find out more? Or just just want to join new networking? You can discover this by asking directly to audiences when they fill out the registration form (if you use Google Form for example then you can insert a question why they are interested in attending your event). Knowing such kind of motivation can be a valuable benchmark for the speaker to adjust the content and communication method based on majority's perspective.

How familiar is your audience with you?

Next, it will also be very useful to know how deep the audience knows you or your company. This can be done by looking the audiences' identity background (such as company or job role), whether it is related to the industry you are in or not. The deeper the audience knows you, the easier for you to create such ice breaking session at the beginning of session. You may create introduction based on your audience's level of knowledge about yourself, for example if you are better known from social media, it is better to insert slides about your social media for audience fast recall.

Do You Know Your Audiences?

Usually you will try to reach all attended audiences by greeting one by one and it certainly hard to do to all audiences since they have limited time yet the spaces constraint. It's also a good idea to remind the audience to bring professional identity (through reminder email), especially the official business card so that you can gather all information at the beginning or just to make networking session works well. This would create more comfortable atmosphere for audience to stay till the end of event because they have something common to share and influence the satisfaction rate of your entire session. The good news? The audience can't wait to join your upcoming presentation session because of positive feedback about how useful each series of events is.

Are Your Audiences Interested to Bring +1?

If it's possible in terms of budgeting wise, you can allow each audience to bring +1 (friend or coworker) to the presentation session. This can be really useful for promoting your event wider and have a solid connection because your audiences will tend to refer to those who they think related to your topic. We will never know that a new reference from this audience can be a good working partner in the future. However, this tips is suitable if you have sort of networking session (instead of just presentation session). If your presentation session has a limited quota then don't try this method or you will sacrifice the convenience factor because of too crowd audiences in limited space.

Do The Audience Criteria Match with Your Expectation?

Slightly different from the first point, the suitability of the audience is related to the media that you use to announce/promote this presentation event. The closer the suitability of your audience profile to your expectations, the easier it will be for you to reach your intended goals. For example, you are targeting the audience profile who are the decision maker of a coal company, if the audience registration list match close to 80% (we can find it out by asking the industry background and job role at the RSVP session), then you can offer solutions easier and make more sales conversion.

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