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Doing presentation activities more than once continuously and in a short period can be an exciting yet tiring activity. Even though the presentation content that you deliver is the same over and over again, it's a good idea to keep in healthy way of living that can help you maintain long-term health.

1. Always Hydrated

Make sure you always carry a bottle of water wherever you go. Keep yourself to always get yourself hydrated. Except for those who are fasting, make sure you start the session from the evening and (if possible) you may break fasting by drinking as much water as possible. Don't drink too much caffeine because it will make your heart work harder (if you are not get used to it) and gain too much worry at the end of the day. By drinking plenty of water, you can also keep your voice clear without any distraction.

2. Refresh Your Face

If there is a breaking time between each session, take a moment to the toilet and wash your face. If you are a woman and you are wearing makeup, you can use wet wipes that do not remove the cosmetics. This action will refresh you both physical and mind at the same time. So you will always be ready to face the next challenge without feeling exhausted.

3. Get Smart with Travel Agenda

When you visit certain cities, you will think to spend sometimes in traveling a while. But prioritize physical health too. Do not get  yourself to hardcore kind of travel, such as hiking and then get sick the next day before the presentation session begins. Smart scheduling and always prioritize your health condition. If you really want to do special activities that consume a lot of energy, make sure you are accompanied by a professional guide in order to avoid unexpected things. Remember, your goal is to complete the presentation agenda, assuming traveling is just an addition and not the other way around.

4. Entrust Your Children with the Family

Especially if you have a family and have children under 5 (five) years old, it's good to entrust/leave your child to your closest relatives or family for a few days when you are going to present in other cities. Bringing a child can be a fun thing, but you will also need to take full responsibility for everything related (for example if your child is sick or allergic). Of course this will distract your concentration to prepare for presentation session. The worst impact is you will be potentially sick too because it's gonna take much energy of yours. It would be better if you keep your child with the closest person who can guarantee their health. Don't forget to take the time to communicate both via video calls and other communication methods so that you can make sure their condition. Another trick is you can invite along family relatives who are willing to help your child while on the trip.

5. Do Exercise

If you stay at a hotel, then set aside your time for at least 20 minutes to do sports such as swimming or jogging. Light exercise will help increase your stamina and enthusiasm to start the day. In addition, you can refresh your mind away from work. Don't forget to always provide presentation sessions with professional slide designs so that you are always confident in delivering the topic, contact DoctorSlide for further assistance.

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Disclaimer: this article originated written in Bahasa and being translated using Google Translate hence please understand if there's any mistake of tenses and/or misunderstanding that occurred. Read the original version by switch this web to Bahasa version on upper right button. Thank you for reading!

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