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We can't predict precisely if someone try to disturb our session. What if this happens in the middle of your presentation session? What should you do to overcome it? First, first identify the type of distracting audience that exists and the reason behind it.

Interruptive Audience with Rough Language

You can calmly respond to the audience and all ask that the audience not use harsh words in public forums. For example, you can try to respond: "Thank you Mr / Ms X for your argument, with all due respect, can I ask all of us to not use harsh language in public forums so that all parties are comfortable. Okay, responding to your argument about .... "

Audience Asks with Humiliating Tones

Generally, voice intonation can indicate the original intention of someone when asking something. If one of your audiences did that, you must remain calm and answer professionally without anger. Because you are in a public forum, you should be a role model and everybody is paying full attention on your move. You can respond: "Thank you, Mr. / Mrs. X for the question. In relation to the answer, I need to underline first that we are here with one similar belief and concepts (explain the background of the answers that indicate you are mastering), if still there are further questions, I will be very happy to discuss further after this event. "

Audience asleep with a rather loud snoring sound

For this typical sleeping audience, it's quite tricky to deal with. Why? Because the wrong course of action can create image that your session actually is boring, so it's make sense for an audience to fall asleep. One trick for awake these audiences is to create physical activities such as asking the audience to stand for a while to relax the muscles by having peer-to-peer quick shoulder massage. This activity will surely awake those sleeping audience and everybody will get into the same focus again. Thus, you can continue the session with ease.

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Disclaimer: this article originated written in Bahasa and being translated using Google Translate hence please understand if there's any mistake of tenses and/or misunderstanding that occurred. Read the original version by switch this web to Bahasa version on upper right button. Thank you for reading!

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