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It does not matter whether you are still at the staff level or a manager who does not have subordinates. If you plan to take long leave (meaning more than 5 working days), then it's good to delegate your work in advance. The following tips is to help you keep responsible when taking long leave without the needs to bring up work loads while focusing on personal activities.

Find co-workers who are ready to help you

You can ask your subordinate or supervisor as the temporary contact when you are on leave. Agree verbally and in writing (email) so that no misunderstandings occur later.

Prepare the helpful communication channel

Think about what communication media that would be used by people if they need to reach you. Prepare a short announcement template via automatic email reply, paste a memo on your desk or a quick verbal briefing to your team.

Examples of short announcements via automatic email:

"Dear sender, thanks for your email. I'm currently taking leave from xx to xx. During this leave period, you can contact XXX as my temporary person in charge for the topic (write your work division / responsibility) at [email protected] or 0812345xxxx. Thank you"

Make a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) about your work

For example if you are responsible for retail sales, then you are obliged to provide access to information related to some important PIC contacts, the latest working status or even a high-level information. Then, you must limit the persons who can access the answer question list  are only those who you give authority as your temporary contact.

Urgent Escalation

If you have a really important responsibility in the company that can't be replaced by others (or if there's a decision that only you can decide), it's good to let internal coworkers to contact you when conditions are really urgent. You can set aside a short time in the morning/late night (during the leave period) to sync up for a while only when there is a situation that needs input / decision from you.

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