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After deliver a series of presentations that should be really tiring, we still need to face whether clients (our audiences) are accepting our offer or not. And yes, sometimes they just reject us even though we have provided best offer already. Then what to do next? Do we need to counter-back the rejection and chase until they change their mind? 

Know The Truth Behind (The Valid Reason)

When you got rejected, don't just give up and leave the conversation. It's a critical moment to ask further what kind of reason that your clients have in mind. Is it related with price range? Or service expectations? You need to ask it politely hence they will sincerely tell you the truth behind. By asking this feedback, you will have greater evaluation window for better presentation concept creation for next session and with different audiences. Remember, feedbacks are priceless.

Say Thank You for Their Time

Even you got rejected, there's no reason that you need to break the relationship. They have invested their time to listen to your presentation hence it's highly important to appreciate by saying thank you. Appreciation will lead to better relationship and creating an image that you are having professional attitude (also professional company). They might contact you in the near future or perhaps reference your name to their relatives. Appreciation can be done verbally (right after the presentation session) followed by an official email.

Ask Opportunity to Re-Offer Again

If only you feel that your offering might be further adjusted based on client's need, then you should ask for second opportunity/chance! Make sure you are having all the valid reasons why they need to reject you in the first place. You may consider about 2-3 days for making a new offer, or even better if you can get faster than that. You may try again by sending new offer through email and if client is interested then you are entering new opportunity to negotiate further. Ask first, if their decision is final then let it go.

Appreciate Audience Decisions

You might disagree with audiences' decision/reason to reject your offer, but you still need to appreciate their decision. Appreciate by showing a friendly gesture (smile and neutral tone) continue by saying that you are totally understand their position. Don't forget that you can also wishing all the best for them regarding the event/project even without involving your company or yourself. Good gesture will create good image on yourself and who knows they may consider you for the next project? 

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Disclaimer: this article originated written in Bahasa and being translated using Google Translate hence please understand if there's any mistake of tenses and/or misunderstanding that occurred. Read the original version by switch this web to Bahasa version on upper right button. Thank you for reading!

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