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If we are entering phase of being entrepreneur, we will need to know some big players in our business field. Sometimes, people tend to fight with unhealthy strategics toward those competitors and treat them as rival. This is happened through price battle or even worse, black campaigning competitors' brand. That is really unprofessional and we should think other way around to face it. 

So how about competing fairly? DoctorSlide will try to elaborate further about how to face the competition especially if you are directly meet competitors in some kind of business pitching that require in-depth presentation for each of you. 

Set The Right Point of View

Always get yourself focus with the initial objective that you want to achieve. Think about how to provide an engaging presentation content that suits enough with the audience profile. Don't let yourself occupied with negative thoughts of competitors' existence who are also participate in the tender. Have a straight point of view that you are showing up as professional and want to offer the best package that your corporation able to provide. Balance your attitude and keep respect to the competitors. At the end, both of you are the similar persons who interested within the same field, then treat them as you treat your coworkers/yourself.

Realistic and Balance Comparison

Perhaps you will show up a comparison slide of why audience need to choose your company over the competitors. Competitive benefit will be driven from what kind of aspect that you and your competitor have in common yet why yours is standout rather than theirs. But don't overdo the comparison, make it real and balance. Avoid any make-up date just to make competitors look bad. Use general indicators just like price, service, or any other objective factors. If you tend to use subjective factor just like service satisfactory where you draw the conclusion by yourself, then it's hard to assess whether the comparison is valid or not. It's different when you are showcasing some testimonials without mocking competitors.

Act Sportive

If the final decision has come out from audience and shows that you are selected being the winner of the tender then try to be sportive. Act professional and avoid being arrogant. Vice versa, if you are not selected for winning the pitching, you are still need to congratulate the winning competitor. This will show your gentle side of handling the lose situation. We will never know if the competitor might want to cooperate within business field as they see your professional act. Show your goodwill that you are ready to help if they need any further collaboration. It's better to collaborate rather than compete individually.

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Disclaimer: this article originated written in Bahasa and being translated using Google Translate hence please understand if there's any mistake of tenses and/or misunderstanding that occurred. Thank you for reading!

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