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If you have chance to give presentation for your own farewell party (or resignation moment) then it will be a pleasure yet fun challenge. Because farewell intended to be sad and mellow kind of situation, that is certainly hard to give such good presentation. Herewith some ideas that you can try in conjunction to prepare good presentation contents.

Do Sort of Flashback

Simple idea is just show up some memorable photos that would remind audience about how the journey begins in the company. You can shed some lights by embedding sort of caption about what was going on about those pictures such as "First time fun company outing with funniest team people"

5 Most Beautiful Memories

Dedicate a slide to illustrate what is the best memory that you've got so far. You can frame it also with slice of videos that show the happy moments and surely will make everybody smile whenever they watch it. 

Special Wishes

Also provide one slide to illustrate what expectations you wish to the audience. These special expectations can also be in the form of testimonials to colleagues and certain divisions.

Personal Contact Information

Create a special slide to write down the contact information (personal contact of course) hence everybody can keep in touch with you after farewell. Make sure you are letting them know what you are heading in the future (such as city, next chapter of career) and your willingness to always having them as friends.

Give A Memorable Quote

Create or give a memorable quote to describe how you feel when you are leaving the company. You can easily quoted from some famous proverb or some random statement that stuck in your head. Generally, memorable quote here is more into friendship related. Have a good farewell moment!

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