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Communication is one of the successful factor that determine somebody is a good public speaker or not. But beyond that, a good speaker also needs to own good attitudes in order to create positive environment and make everybody comfort in the session. Hereby the 3 key characters that are considered as important to have in order to be a trusted and respectful speaker.

Treat Everybody Equal

It might sounds cliche, but this is the must-have attitude that every good speaker should possess. Treating everybody equal means you are not discriminate somebody just because of race different, education gap or anything that could lead to difference. By treating equally to everyone, you can deliver your topic/message objectively, without hiding some agenda and gain more respect for sure. This is truly reflected whenever you are presenting and how you respond to everybody in the room via question and answer session or even by having eye contacts.

Be Polite and Control Your Emotions

This attitude is important considering its impact toward your surroundings. Being polite is not limited only to those who are seniors than you, but also to those who are younger. If you want to be a good speaker, then you need to be a good living example too. Control your emotions, especially the negative one. This might be toughest challenge ever for public speaker, since you can't expect everything is under our control. Especially if you receive a negative comments or sensitive question that just not pleasing you. Controlling emotion can be defined as try to move our perspective from focusing on negative side to the positive side. By seeking the positive reason why such cases happened, then you can easily move on from the anger. At the end, everybody is looking at you as the center of attention. Make sure you are aligning your attitude positively without intention to make chaos bigger. Be a wise person and the situation will be better then. You can also manage the emotions by having routine rehearsal with your partners and ask them to sort of insult you yet test yourself how you are going to respond on it.

Get Things Clear (Always Think about Solution)

When you are delivering your presentation, you are not only expected to draw the problem that everybody has in the room, but you also expected to be a person who can deliver solution. Think about what audience think and ask. You need to set a clear mindset about how to get rid of problems. This attitude will lead audience eager to ask you more and get in touch with you. But if you don't have an exact solution yet with audience's question, then you can ask for more time and promise to get back. It doesn't harm you because you can think about it as good feedback to strengthening your point of view and expertise. 

In the other hand, aside from all 3 characters mentioned above, we should be aware too that our image is reflected from the way we present and design the slides too. Make sure your slide is who you are by having a professional design. It certainly can boost more attention to you as well. DoctorSlide is ready to serve you with custom and professional design as expected. Contact us further for the design assistance.

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Disclaimer: this article originated written in Bahasa and being translated using Google Translate hence please understand if there's any mistake of tenses and/or misunderstanding that occurred. Read the original version by switch this web to Bahasa version on upper right button. Thank you for reading!

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