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What distinguishes actors / actresses from robots? Even though both of them might rely on the same rules / scripts? In general, scripts are usually created when you will be presenting packed content with long hours duration.

Make it Alive

The actor usually improvised and tend to make the whole session "alive", while the robot simply repeated the script that had been programmed with exact same so it looked "stiff". Maybe you have heard the voice of a video narrator on a Youtube channel that uses a robotic voice and certainly that is disturbing your hearing. The same thing applies to presentation sessions. Audiences will tend to appreciative presenters who are really bring with enthusiasm and generous, rather than presenters who only follow the scripts / outlines that have been made. We must be aware that the script is made solely as a reference / flow of conversation, not as a definite benchmark for entire session.

Avoid Scripts on Presentation Slides

It will be fatal if you consider presentation slides as a place to pour scripts to make them easy to read. It's totally wrong! Slide presentations must be created to provide a clearer visualization of what you are talking about. It is better to show pictures / graphics than you write down all the words you want to talk about. Besides being full ("wordy"), this can also be boring for the audience because what you are going to talk about can already be read on your own slide. Remember, you have to be the center of attention, presentation slides are just supporting what you are talking about.

You are Talking to Human

You must be aware that you are dealing with fellow human, not walls or other dead objects. It is very important to communicate like talking to a friend or family. Use improvised words and expressions that will certainly help clarify what is being conveyed. Involve participants with two-way communication techniques, throw simple questions to provoke the audience's response.

What if Forgotten?

If you are worried about forgetting a few points because you are not too referring to the scripts, then you can utilize more slides to contain more reminder about what to discuss (1 slide limits 3 points only). And again, use your slides to visualize images and conclusion points only, not reading books.

Position Yourself as an Actor, not a Robot

It is important for you to be fully aware that you are not a robot. So, act as an actor (human). Live what you bring and aim to make the audience to understand what you are talking about.

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