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Perhaps you just got promoted recently and everybody expect you to become a leader. Next, you are expected to deliver such a welcome keynote/presentation to your new team. How you are going to create the right content that suitable enough as leader and inspiring at the same time? First of all, we should understand what it takes to be a leader and what kind of things that distinguish leader from manager.

Leader and Manager

As a committed person who is expected to complete work in the most effective and efficient time, you are required to be able manage the workload and set the right deadline hence all processes can be done on time. This kind of ability is usually series of characteristics owned by manager. How about leader? The leader isn't only think about how to get things done, but also how to motivate the entire team to be enthusiastically in doing their role. Just like the basic definition of leader, they are leading people to the right direction and let everybody knows why they are going to certain way.

Which one is better, leader or manager?

Looking from the function, both leader and manager are contributing the same important role toward achieving vision and mission. But you must able to lead yourself and entire team (as a leader) in order to achieve things consistently, not just being a manager.

Their Presentation Styles

It's certainly important to know what your content will be based on the role that you expect. Usually, a role of being manager will craft some contents just like:

  • Describe the to-do-lists 
  • Tell about the punishment/risk if the team fail to meet the expectation
  • Explain about the time-length in doing someting
  • List down the key performance indicators that need to be achieved

However, presentation style of a leader will be prioritize on below:

  • Explain why each team member has a valuable role and matters to achieve the goal
  • What are the big goals and why
  • What kind of personal benefits that can be achieved by each team member if they are seriously contribute to the company
  • Show the best practices to deal with routines and tasks
  • Explain about long-term roadmap and short-term timeline of working
  • Explain how to measure objectively toward the contribution (leading to form a good KPI)

Hence it can be seen that a leader will tend to explain the logic behind a statement and why team member need to understand every step that they take. As for manager, it will be more important to explain the entire work plan and deadline. If you are really preparing yourself to be a leader, then live it as you want to lead group to the way that you are pretty sure is better place to go. It's okay to be quite technical style just like a manager, but sometimes it'll be better to you to encourage the team first before assignment comes.

Presentation Design

Generally, a manager will tend to create their presentation design full of charts and words. Yes, because they tend to explain to-do-lists with timeline. In the other hand, leader will utilize more about visual photography that they can use as analogy for further description of their point of talking. Either way, you should create a professional style of design and follow your company's design rules (or Graphic Standard Manual). Better to use more visuals like images rather than words thus your audience won't get bored and lose focus to you. Contact DoctorSlide for further assistance of powerpoint presentation design and content development.

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Disclaimer: this article originated written in Bahasa and being translated using Google Translate hence please understand if there's any mistake of tenses and/or misunderstanding that occurred. Read the original version by switch this web to Bahasa version on upper right button. Thank you for reading!

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