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It's always interesting to talk about marketing tactics. Why? Because every company has its own tactics that you can't just copy and hope it turns to give the same expected result. Each company has its own unique point along with unique product/service that requires special analysis and strategies. So, how can presentation activity contribute to help companies achieving their objectives, especially on marketing section?

Presentation is Sharpening Your Analysis

Sometimes by forcing yourself to create a full concept of presentation, you are unconsciously allow your brain to work harder. You might think harder on how to put the right sequences of presentation that can affect the most of audiences' attention. It's true especially when you are creating company profile kind of presentation. Always start with presenting the valid background of your company (is there any unique facts/problems that your company would like to solve). Then, you can continue the sequence by asking million dollar question of "why" something is built/introduced by your company. These will lead you to in-depth analysis where certainly will add value to your company's presentation content. 

Presentation is Sharpening Your Communication Skills

Marketing is not limited to strategize only, but also related to soft skills of how we can influence/persuade our targeted audience (just like sales division did). By using presentation, you can create wider ground to all team members in practicing their ability to communicate well and convince the audience yet gaining trust.

Presentation is Improving Your Brand Value (if you done it right!)

A series of presentation slides automatically create the first impression about your company identity (also your identity as presenter). By well-prepared and professionally design your slides, you are also creating high valuable brand or image toward your company. Simplest thing can start from the color usage, always use your corporate colors (reflected from your logo for sure) into the majority of slides. This nurtures the audience's special perception about that specific color and your company. At the end, it will convert into good top of mind about your company and brand. Trust your presentation slides to as presentation expert who will turn your content into professional visualized slides.

5 Mandatory Questions to Formulate Your Marketing Strategy

In formulating a good quality of presentation content, here we summarize 5 mandatory questions that can be your guide to assessing further your own marketing strategy.

  • How do you define the persona of your target audience? For example: age, economic class, education, likes / hobbies, daily activities, work etc.
  • What are the unique points of the product / service / promo that you offer compared to similar things from competitors?
  • What are the success indicators of your marketing strategy? Why do you believe those are valid indicators to measure objectively?
  • Do you have enough resource (both capital and other resources) to implement your marketing strategy? If so, what do you need? If not, how will you make it happen?
  • Describe your product / service / offer in a short and concise sentence! And explain to some people around you who are not involved in your company, ask if they understand what you say!

Those five basic questions above can also be a good reference for you to compile presentation content with more maturity and focus. Good luck!

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Disclaimer: this article originated written in Bahasa and being translated using Google Translate hence please understand if there's any mistake of tenses and/or misunderstanding that occurred. Read the original version by switch this web to Bahasa version on upper right button. Thank you for reading!

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