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What do you expect from a presentation session? Do you expect the audience to come by itself to you as volunteer to become a consumer? Or do you expect the topic of your presentation will be viral by itself? All of that seems difficult if you do not put extra effort in the form of follow-up. Maybe we often listen to this term but its application is still confusing somehow. Follow-up is really the most important action to know whether the audience actually listens to our presentation and is interested in the offer we propose. Here are some of the exclusive DoctorSlide techniques that you can do:

Mix with the audience after the presentation.

This can be in the form of special networking events after presentation session or your proactive actions in approaching several audiences that we can ask directly about what related comments they capture / the value from our presentation. Do not forget to exchange your business cards!


Yes! Do not hesitate to send an email to all audience who become participants of our presentation. You must make sure to collect all participant emails from the attendance list. Keep in mind that your email should be friendly and not pushy, so it's not the unwanted/spam emails by the participants. You can send a thank-you email for taking the time to attend the presentation, send your powerpoint presentation slides (in PDF form usually) and ask in a short sentence how they feel for you personally or for your constructive feedback.

Get Connected via Social Networking (social media).

One of the techniques that DoctorSlide considers most powerful is to get connected via social networks, especially LinkedIn. You can do a quick search of the names of participating participants and when you send out invitations to make friends, be sure to write a short note on LinkedIn as an opening / reminder of how you meet.

Making Random Calls.

If you are really interested in specific participants (after viewing from their profile on social networks or on business cards), you can try to do a verbal contacting technique via the phone / WhatsApp, build closer friendships by asking what they think about presentation topics and possibilities to work together. Typically, this one technique can be directed to a 1-on-1 meeting between you and the participants face-to-face so that more time gets to know what both of you are working on.

Remember, not all of the above techniques match your field. Maybe you are from the government sector will be less likely to use Social Networking techniques because of its less formal nature. Tailor back to your personality as well as your desired goals. Always make sure everything can run smoothly starting from the content and design of Powerpoint presentation slides are fascinating. Do not hesitate to contact DoctorSlide if you want to create a presentation slide that will make you more confident in speaking!

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Disclaimer: this article originally written in Bahasa and being translated using Google Translate hence please understand if there's any mistake of tenses and/or misunderstanding that occurred. Thank you

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