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It's a public secret that to be a successful person, we need good communication skills. This can be started by nurturing some good habits that made us get used to communicate fluently both verbal and non-verbal.

To establish a communicative characteristics, you can try to apply some of the following tips summarized by DoctorSlide which we believe can make you more advance in communication skill.

Always bring your business cards in wallet or purse (an area that is easy to reach and always carried). And do not forget to give a business card every time you greet someone you just know or want to work with. This business card can be a good start to open the topic of conversation with new people.

Balancing your introductory approach. As a good start, we need to balance the information contained in our conversations with new people. It is not advisable if to ask dozens of questions to the other person or too active in promoting ourselves. Bring the ambience around, for example you can ask what makes him interested in an event (if you meet a person in a random event). Then you can tell what you are doing, followed with the question what he did (reciprocal) and how you both can cooperate mutually.

Make follow-up contacts. We should realized that to ensure whether or not your new connection is supporting your business or not, follow up is a mandatory thing to do. Make periodic follow-up contacts and exchange information that would be of interest to them (and of course that's something to do with you too).

Go Big or Go Home! We bet you may have heard of this term before, which means we should take an opportunity bravely, especially in rare occasions eg. dare to come forward in introducing yourself. Don't be shy or thinking too much of pride as long as what you do is the right thing and not harm, is it?

Complete yourself with stunning presentation slides! Do not fail your goal just because the slides are too wordy or confusing. Make yourself less-worry with DoctorSlide's assistance for presentation presentation services or learn how to present basic, easy-to-understand ideas in presentation slides in our blog series.

Try to apply one by one tips above and note the positive changes that you get. Do not forget to share with community if you find it useful.

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Disclaimer: this article originated written in Bahasa and being translated using Google Translate hence please understand if there's any mistake of tenses and/or misunderstanding that occurred. Thank you for reading!

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