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Each presentation session usually has a question and answer session (Q&A) where presenter received many direct questions. What would you do if a difficult question is being asked and you could not answer it yet? Read the following tips.

Praise --- Do not hesitate to praise audience with kind words like "Good question" or "Thank you for asking that critical question". This praise must be completely honest from yourself for sure (don't try to fake it if you don't think it's good enough). In addition, this compliment can provide an extra time lag for you to think about the answer.

Magic Button ---  You know what, Powerpoint presentation has the magic button "B". If you use a presentation with Microsoft Powerpoint or Keynote formats, you are provided with a magic "B" button that temporarily hide/blank your slide show (whenever you are in middle of playing the presentation slide). This "B" or "Blank" button is really important if you want all the attention of the audience to focus on you (instead of looking at the presentation slides and get distracted). If you want to go back to the presentation slides, just click back the magic button "B" on your keyboard.

Honest Answers --- The most important thing that you must apply in answering any question is to be honest. If you don't know yet what the correct answer is, don't be fear to say the truth and directly get to jot the question down on your note hence you can respond later via email or phone with the participant (still providing answer, just giving yourself extra time to deliver it back)

Be Calm --- Whatever kind of questions asked by the participants, keep yourself calm and professional. Thank every question and answer with logic/fact. Never get carried away by negative emotions.

Parrying Questions --- Most sensitive questions are asked because of the great curiosity of the participants. If the question is very sensitive in the sense that the answer unable be publicly notified, then DoctorSlide suggests that you politely reject the question such as "Dear Sir/Mam apologize beforehand, I doubt can provide you with the answer since the related information is strictly confidential. We hope you understand "or if the question is not in line with the topic then it can be responded with "We are sorry to not being able answering on your question since it is beyond our scope"

Short Answers --- Questions are sometimes really individual-based in the sense that not all participants have the same curiosity. Therefore, you will certainly waste others time by answering a question for too long. Answer it concisely and to the point about what is the core of the question. If possible, you can use simple emphasize questions such as "Do you get my point?" to ensure that your answer can be understood by the questioner.

Lastly, don't forget to polish your presentation slides with the help of DoctorSlide professional assistance to make your presentation session understood better and interesting!

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Disclaimer: this article originated written in Bahasa and being translated using Google Translate hence please understand if there's any mistake of tenses and/or misunderstanding that occurred. Thank you for reading!

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