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First of all, you need to know in advance what are the characteristics of your audience in general, hence you can choose which method is best suitable with them.

1. Throwing Facts

Unique facts that are rarely known by the public and/or bombastic are favored by the audience.

Example: "Do you know that 80% of all Jakarta residents have traveled abroad?" or "One of the most expensive Piano in the world is in Jakarta". Use this method whenever you are bridging to news-kind of presentation such as updating new product. Do not forget to use the right bridging sentence after phrasing the facts to make it look clearer thread, "Looking at that fact, we are from ABC company take action to ..."

2. Engage Direct Participation

To make sure your audience's attention is truly focused on you, use rhetorical questioning methods (kind of question that only need direct answer as yes or no) and ask the audience to raise their hand as a symbol of agreement.

For example, "Raise your hand if you agree that marriage is a mandatory activity". There is no indication that the number of hand-raising audiences show success rate, but you can proceed further from that amount by saying "I am amazed by most of you are pro marriage here, just like me from ABC company..." Don't forget to always make sure the question of 'hand lift' is as short and as easy as it can be understood.

3. Famous Quote

You can also pick up quote from famous people who are commonly heard by the general public and build a sense of excitement. Similar to what you saw on DoctorSlide's picture with a famous quote of "Stay hungry, stay foolish" that you can improve further in a conversation with an audience like "I'm sure this quote you've heard so often and that's why I'm sure you're here in this room to keep learning just like Steve Jobs "

4. Make a Specific Goal

Sometimes in order to drive focus, you need to set goal about why they attend the session and need listen to your presentation thoroughly. The phrase example that you can pick is "This morning we will listen to interesting stories of why our entrepreneurs can succeed brilliantly ..." or "In the next 20 minutes, you will explore various interesting tips on how to speak out loud in public" . Is not only about your own goal, but audience's goal is best to be addressed if you want to get most of attention during the session.

5. Breaking News

Hot news can be access easily from all over the country, especially in this internet era. You can pick up the hottest news that can be attributed to your presentation, for example "Last night, 3 big Asian countries were agreed to against corruption in the XYZ conference, it really remind us to fight back unfairness in every kind of economic aspect.."

6. Story

Everyone likes to hear stories, especially interesting and humorous or surprising stories. You can pick up real stories that come from your life, famous celebrities, and humor stories that you feel fit with the topic of your presentation. DoctorSlide's example is to take up the story of Adam and Eve (that you can adjust to nowadays couple) that can be passed on to the opening of a religious topic or a presentation on reproductive health.

Always make sure your session is well-equipped with a stunning presentation presentation slides. Don't hesitate to consult with and start your first step to succeed in public speaking!

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Disclaimer: this article originated written in Bahasa and being translated using Google Translate hence please understand if there's any mistake of tenses and/or misunderstanding that occurred. Thank you for reading!

Picture courtesy: owned by DoctorSlide

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