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It's common that there must be participants who are yawning when someone is delivering a presentation. Well, we need to know for sure what causes the participant become sleepyhead and take the solution to prevent it happened again. Let's try some of the following ways.

  • Sound - make sure your intonation is loud enough, clear and easy to hear. Use a microphone if you have to present on a large stage with many participants (let's say about more than 50 participants). Low intonation of voice is always success to drag audience to deep sleep just like how a lullaby works well to children.

  • Presentation Slide - don't make yourself lose the momentum/attention simply because the presentation slides are too full of content and boring. Design your presentation slides attractively and use large fonts. Feel free to contact the team for presentation design help.

  • Lights --- it is important to remember that whenever you are presenting, you need to adjust the lights (turn it off it possible) near the projector to make the presentation slide clearly visible. But don't turn entire light off (make it still alive on audiences' side). However, don't forget to turn on the lights during the question and answer session to ensure full attention to yourself, rather than falling asleep because of the dim lights.

  • Interactions --- never hesitate to make small interactions with the participants. You can try with a short quiz or directly involve them into your topic. This is powerful enough to swap off sleepiness from the participants.

  • Pause Time --- DoctorSlide recommends a perfect duration for every presentation sessions take no more than 20 minutes. If the topic you're bringing is quite a lot, try to have a break for a moment (coffee break or a 5-minute break with corporate video as intermezzo on the screen) so your participants won't lost energy too much and get sleep during the presentation session.

  • Appearance --- try to position yourself as a professional presenter who should be always look appropriate with suitable dress code (ie. suit and tie for formal kind of presentation). Hence the charisma will be built easily from the beginning and influence participants to pay attention into the overall session.

  • Check Content --- never repeat the same topic/sentences in a presentation. This will cause boredom. Except for the sake of conclusion at the end where you need to repeat certain sentences briefly so that participants will remember what has been presented before (especially for the important key takeaways).

So, do you already meet all above criteria to prevent participants from drowsiness? If yes, prepare your stamina and get ready to rock the presentation!

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Disclaimer: this article originated written in Bahasa and being translated using Google Translate hence please understand if there's any mistake of tenses and/or misunderstanding that occurred. Thank you for reading!

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