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Everyone has a different personality that makes their style of presentation also different. Understand further about your own style as a presenter will be helpful in discovering the weakness points that can be fixed as time goes by.

DoctorSlide defines several personality types based on the popular personality theory of psychology that you've might heard before:


This type of presenter is very easy to get along with the audience and kind of cheerful person. Audiences will love to pay attention to this popular presenter because his/her powerpoint design tends to be attractive and to the point (covering what most of people would like to know - not literally kind of serious content that need to be understood deeply). However, this type of presenter should pay attention to the question and answer session carefully so that any question can be correctly addressed (since this type of presenter is far away from serious personality and sometimes love to make jokes). This presenter type should also prepare technical things (eg microphone, slide pointer) to avoid panic moment whenever there is an obstacle happened in the middle of the presentation session.


The charismatic presenter is kind of perfect leader type, whose presentation slides tend to contain dazzling and inspiring things. But if you are this type of presenter, don't get carried away too seriously since charismatic type is easily having high tense in presenting. Create an interactive session with the audience so that the presentation is not only one-way.


Hello perfectionist presenter, don't forget to always prepare the content and design presentation with the best effort you can do, but please respect time/deadline. Pull out yourself from getting too perfectionist as you need to consider other important factors such as other main job at the office. Panic is a major challenge for the type of perfectionist presenter, try to always be calm and take times to think clearly. For perfectionist presenter, it is also advisable to chat with several audiences before the presentation session and raise some interesting stories from relevant audiences as part of the presentation topic.


No doubt that calm presenter is very expert in spreading peaceful and respect in their presentation. Meaning that they don't take things too rush, but don't be too calm in terms of voice or body language. Why? If too much, you just make audiences get sleepy easier - always try to make content of the presentation interesting and not boring (ie. balance with humor still okay) and of course utilize your microphone to make your voice louder.

At the end, whatever your personality is in the presentation, always focus on how to convey a message with a clear objective and easy to follow. Don't hesitate to chat / email DoctorSlide for further content development assistance or design beautification.

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Disclaimer: this article originated written in Bahasa and being translated using Google Translate hence please understand if there's any mistake of tenses and/or misunderstanding that occurred. Thank you for reading!

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