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It's just like when you are planning to purchase a house, you will surely judge the outer look of the house building. Whether it is quite convincing and beautiful or not. Similar for an effective presentation, you also have to build a good image in terms of appearance and supportive body language for the audience hence they are willing to pay attention to you. Here are some quick tips that are easy to apply for your spectacular presentation preparation:


Keep your hair as neat as possible and make sure the simple thing such as your hair bangs aren't distracting your eyes while delivering the presentation. For men, try to use a hair gel to make it look nicer and well-prepared. For women, can utilize hair straightening iron or curling iron or just by tying up the hair and use hair foam (avoid to have a hair model that all hair fall into the front of your shoulder).


Brush your teeth as clean as possible (no leftover food or any kind of smell). You may use mouth wash if you want or chew a gum before presentation begins (don't forget to throw it up once you ready to present).


For women, keep yourself with professional dress up (not like attending a prom party) and be wise in terms of picking colors on your face (eg. avoid too much red color on your cheek because of the blush on). Make your eyes as the center of the make up, use eyeliner that can frame up your eyes perfectly and make it look sharper. And if necessary, use a dark eye shadow (combination of brown and gray - not kind of catwalk model with bright color) that can set up a good impression. For men, shave regularly and make sure your face is thoroughly washed (use face soap if necessary) to make it look really fresh.


Even though you aren't standing that close with audience, but smell of your body can play an important role. Especially if you are used to be having bad-smell naturally. Use a soft kind of perfume if possible (not strong fragrance). You can also use a deodorant that does not leave marks on your clothes. Tidy up yourself for a moment before entering the presentation (to the toilet).


Make sure you are walking upright when delivering the presentation. For women, it can be helped with wearing high heels (3-5 cm can be the right choice to keep comfortable factor on your feet). As for men, don't make yourself look bad by wearing sandal, always choose shoes instead.


Wear suitable clothes, for men can wear a suit or casual shirt (depending to the topic / presentation theme and corporate culture). For women, always use a polite kind of dress (not too open on the upper body area). Batik is the best theme option to use during the presentation session.


Make sure you are still smile when delivering a presentation (showing a positive aura), this will bring you closer to the audience and reduce the level of tension that usually happens because the audience is still unfamiliar with the presenter.

After you are completing all tips above, don't forget to pay attention on your presentation design. Remember, it also create good looking of yourself, therefore align the design to match with your perfect appearance. Contact DoctorSlide to find out more of best design option for presentation.

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Disclaimer: this article originated written in Bahasa and being translated using Google Translate hence please understand if there's any mistake of tenses and/or misunderstanding that occurred. Thank you for reading!

Photo credits to Pexels.

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