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Framework or presentation format is made to keep the quality of the presented content in which matched to the purpose and not too overwhelming for audience. Know the four types of framework that you can use for completing your slides, read the following.

1. Analytical Framework

is a type of presentation which include heavy data and need to be analyzed further, such as marketing planning, advertising budget planning, and recommendation proposals (for corporates). This framework is built up with the factual data that translated into quick conclusion hence the presentation can be understood easier and tend to be meaningful for anyone in the room. You can easily use the "problem and solution" conversation along the presentation slides. The order of the framework consists of: the root of the problem - the factors of consideration - the analysis (data) - the solution / recommendation.

2. Informative Framework

is a presentation type which has been prepared into conclusion (there's no further explanation how conclusion has been made) such as an annual / quarter report from a branch / manager head. A sequence of this presentation framework is started with the background of such condition, followed with the results achieved (it might be sales achievement or anything with quick comparison of last year), also conclusions and suggestions. Real example of company profile sequences with informative frameworks:

- slide company history

- slide vision and mission

- slide products / services 

- slide management profile / organization 

- slide corporate network (branch office)

- slide financial highlights (especially public companies)

- slide conclusions.

3. Persuasive Framework

This framework aims to "sell" the ideas we present. The sequence with this framework usually begins with AIDA format (one of famous communication theory) which is raising Attention in the beginning - gaining Interest - encourages Desire - pursue audience to take Action. Start with an exciting slide show (such as the current happening issue), write down the benefits audiences can get from your product and also the Call to Action phrases like "Join Now" or "Limited Offer, Sign Up Today!" as well as phone numbers or website addresses that can be reached. You may also adding testimonials from existing client to make it more valid along with clients' logos.

4. Educational Framework

This framework is somewhat similar to the informative framework, but the content is loaded with heavier information that tailored made to educate the audience (not just focusing on the promotion of the company's products / services). The exact sequence for this framework is the topic (what) - why this topic is useful (why) - what are the appropriate tips (how to) - conclusions.

Any framework that you choose, make sure it's well prepared with suitable design. DoctorSlide is ready to assist you in translating the framework with expected design as you wish.

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Disclaimer: this article originated written in Bahasa and being translated using Google Translate hence please understand if there's any mistake of tenses and/or misunderstanding that occurred. Thank you for reading!

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