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Herewith DoctorSlide summarizes quick tips for effective presentation where adapted from world-class motivational marketing consultant's advise, Simon Sinek.

1. Always Start With Goal / Objective

Regardless of the theme of your presentation, always try to insert a slide dedicated to explain what is the main objective or agenda (usually after cover slide). This slide intended to draw quick visualization about where to go and why audience need to listen to you. Better if you can explain about direct benefits that can be received by the audience, for example: "Make You Understand Why Folic Acid Important For Pregnancy". By having this kind of objective, you can drag more attention into your presentation intentionally rather than you do the presentation without expressing the purpose (and confusing audience for sure).

2. Stop talking about yourself

The main difference between effective and ineffective presentations lies in the focus of the presentation itself. If you start talking about everything about yourself (such as portfolio, job title, great experience et al) then it will most likely keep the audience away from you, because it's all about you and too self-centric. Audience selects what they want to hear and get easily distracted/bored if the whole topic is only talking about your greatness. It doesn't mean that you aren't allowed to have introduction session about your profile, but just have a limitation about it. Don't fulfill 1/3 of your presentation with your information (except the presentation topic is literally focusing about your own biography). The best step is to start a conversation about general topic (that is related with audience) for example: "What's causing most companies today to do massive layoffs?" If there's something to do with your experience then it's okay to create a quick bridging with the topic (eg: "According to my own 30 years experience in the human resources division, companies often choose to lay off massively because ...").

3. Motivation to Share Experience

Sometimes you need to think about core motivation of why you want to deliver a presentation session. It's good to start presentation from the bottom of your heart (you own the motivation), rather than focus on selling or marketing something (even if you're doing sales pitching). Why? They might respect more if you tend to share experiences honestly without pressure. Therefore, the audience will be more willing to listen to the topic of your presentation and want to get more information that you are provided.

Always evaluate each of your presentation sessions and frame it with professional design that you can request from DoctorSlide anytime.

Bonus Tips: try to start a presentation by telling a story, this also applies if you want to introduce a little about yourself (to make it more interesting). 

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Disclaimer: this article originated written in Bahasa and being translated using Google Translate hence please understand if there's any mistake of tenses and/or misunderstanding that occurred. Thank you for reading!

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