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Before we are making any conclusion toward the right answer about this topic, we need to understand in advance what is the impact of joking during the presentation. DoctorSlide have some of the main conclusions we can learn.

Joking makes your audience more relaxed

Yes, regardless of your joke whether really funny or not, the atmosphere that triggers people to laugh will tend to make the audience feel more relaxed and create enjoyable moment. This is important to build a comfortable atmosphere that ultimately makes the audience more willing to focus on your presentation.

Joking make you and your audience become friends

By throwing jokes, the distance between the speaker and audience can be somewhat fused and become closer. This impact will trigger the audience to be more curious about the speaker's thoughts so that you can expect many quality questions asked at the end of the session. The quantity and quality of questions can sometimes be a valid assessment toward how successful you in conducting the whole session. And throwing a proper joke might be the first step to do it.

Joking can build the perception of the speaker

For this point, it is depend to your joke type. If the topic is still in the corridor of the presentation topic then the audience will begin to give respect to the speaker (example: to illustrate how technology changes human life habits by presenting an analogy where nowadays many viewers hold their phone to record during concert that is literally different from many years back). Remember, the speaker must be good at connecting the essence of the joke to the topic of the presentation. However, if the speaker throws a joke that seems to insult a particular person or contains elements of racial intolerance, then certainly the audience will lose respect and fireback to your topic of course.

So, it is important to assess whether our topic itself really suitable to have any kind of joke on it? Do we have the right content to be an ice breaker by joking? Is your joke content can widely accepted by the audience? If the answer is yes, then you can try to joke in your presentation sessions to make it easier for the audience to get closer to the topic and yourself. Don't forget to prepare slide presentations with stunning designs to support your presentation, contact DoctorSlide for further assistance!

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Disclaimer: this article originated written in Bahasa and being translated using Google Translate hence please understand if there's any mistake of tenses and/or misunderstanding that occurred. Thank you for reading!

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