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We might aware that the persons who are doing presentation almost everyday are teachers / lecturers. Every day they have to teach and have the same objective to communicate the topic to their students so the learning process can be completed. Therefore, it is mandatory that teachers must be aware of the importance of visual factors for the effectiveness of the teaching process and also to prevent students from getting bored.

Use Presentation Slides

Yes, to support teaching activities, always use presentation slides, even better if those slides already prepared by the school / university. It would be best if you have enough time to adjust the content based on what is happening right now and make it into common language understood by your students.

Use Image / Visual

After you agree to utilize presentation slide, always try to insert images on the slide. Don't fill your slides with full of words that actually make your students bored and confused. Use an image that has a correlation with the topic you are communicating. For example, to discuss legal topics, you can use a picture of a situation on the court. Remember, one picture can convey thousands of words at once.

Communicate with the Right Intonation

Make your intonation become influential to attract the attention of students. Use a clear voice and the right tone (example: emphasis the words of important terms) so your presentation session becomes more alive. You can imagine the Intonation of your conversation tone just like when you are delivering a good news / important to a friend. Think of your students as your own friends that you want to share about important information.

Encourage students dare to ask questions

Many educators who are considered "fierce" and make students reluctant to ask. In the other hand, we can assess whether students understand the topic we are delivering just by receiving their feedback/question. Therefore, DoctorSlide strongly encourages educators to proactively encourage students to ask questions. For example by saying:

  • "If there is something that is confusing to you, just ask"
  • "Don't be shy to ask, I really would love to answer any of your curiousity"
  • "Whatever you want to ask, don't hesitate"
  • "If something is still unclear, don't hesitate to ask"
  • "I am here wishing you can ask as much as possible, come on"

Continuous Evaluation of Your Presentation

It doesn't mean that your presentation last forever. You need to take time to evaluate objectively about your content as time goes by. Even better if you have many feedbacks during class session and improve what best for next session (including if you have to delete some slides that no longer related). Happy teaching!

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Disclaimer: this article originated written in Bahasa and being translated using Google Translate hence please understand if there's any mistake of tenses and/or misunderstanding that occurred. Thank you for reading!

Pictures credit to Pexels and Freepik

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