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If you search on Youtube and watch Steve Jobs's presentation video to introduce the iPhone 4 then you will be impressed about how Steve wrapped it all in the form of a short, solid and clear presentation yet still gaining curiosity from entire audiences. Presentation techniques like this need to be learned carefully for executives in order to win audiences' hearts and achieve goal every day.

Quoted from the Forbes page when a communication experts researched what was the key behind Steve's presentation technique, DoctorSlide concluded there were at least 7 interesting lessons that you could learn:

1. Create a Twitter-able Headline

Steve Jobs started his session by saying "Today Apple is going to reinvent the phone". This sentence fits perfectly into Twitter post. The headline that just perfect - not too long, but still capture the meaning. You can also implement the same thing every time you make a presentation. You will need to type your presentation main topic on Twitter (which has limited capacity) and try to work it out in limited space.

2. Using the 'Rule of Three' Technique

Steve Jobs always insert a maximum of 3 points in each slide. Apparently, the founder of Apple is quite consistent and believe in the power of 3 points to achieve the similar understanding. DoctorSlide has also discussed this technique specifically (read here) and it surely make thing easier for the audience to understand what you mean.

3. Show Positive Attitude and Trust

The use of the words by Steve Jobs also contains a high element of enthusiasm, for example "cool" and "amazing". This help to express how great the belief of Steve Jobs about the whole topic. In our daily presentation, whether we realize it or not, we also always have choices to express the enthusiasm we have. If you seem unsure about the presentation, how can the audience interested in your presentation? Use positive words and maximize with intonation and facial expressions.

4. Explaining the Background of the Problem

Steve Jobs cleverly arranged words about the current condition of the mobile phone market. He said,"Regular cell phones are not so smart and they are not so easy to use. Smartphones are a little smarter, but are harder to use. They are really complicated ... we want to make a leapfrog product, way smarter than any mobile device has ever been and is super easy to use. This is what iPhone is." Basically, he defined the core problem faced by the market and how his product can solve the problem. This technique will certainly facilitate the audience's logic to agree with the presenter, which increase respect and focus on the session.

5. Simple Presentation Slide

Everyone would agree that Steve Jobs's slide presentation was far away from "wordy" context. Yes, he put forward visuals / images, even without words. This is precisely what makes the audience focus on what he talk about. If you need help with less-wordy slides, don't hesitate to contact the DoctorSlide team further.

6. Avoid Reading Notes

Regarding the previous point that Steve Jobs's presentation slides were so rarely contain words, did it become a reason for Steve to read the notes during the presentation session? Apparently not, Steve really focused on the main topic and explained it straight away like chatting with friends. You can also follow the technique of avoiding reading notes by practicing and understanding your presentation content as deeply as possible.

7. Selling benefits, not just information

"It works like magic. You do not need a stylus. It's far more accurate than any touch display that I've ever shipped. It ignores unintended touches. It's super smart. You can do multi-finger gestures on it. And boy have we patented it. "

The above sentence is expressed by Steve about the greatness of the Apple iPhone. If you explore further, he does not use standard techniques by saying the greatness of the iPhone from A to Z. Despite, he tell core benefits that will not be obtained on other cellphones. These benefits are delivered correctly and answer the existing problems. Not just a general information.

For sure, all the techniques above will not be useful if you do not apply in the daily presentation routine. Sharpen your skills regularly and win the audience's heart.

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Disclaimer: this article originated written in Bahasa and being translated using Google Translate hence please understand if there's any mistake of tenses and/or misunderstanding that occurred. Thank you for reading!

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