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The two types of communication channels that you will find in a company's presentation session are presentation slides (both Powerpoint, Keynote, Google Slides, etc.) and motion graphic videos (animated video). These two channels are good for showing what you want to explain / describe to the audience. However, if you really need to choose one among other, then the following points from DoctorSlide should be taken into consideration.

The Objective of Usage

If you want to show up and explain directly to the audience, the best choice will be presentation slide. But if you want all the explanations to be recorded hence you don't need a dedicated presenter then the choice can be put into motion graphic video. Presentation slides give the presenter an opportunity to communicate both ways (which the audience can throw questions directly at the presenter). Video motion graphics will tend to be one-way. Determine the engagement goals that you expect and choose the right channel.

Design Quality

Actually each of these mediums can overlap, depending on the ability of the designer, so that it cannot be concluded whether one medium exceeds the other. So it is important for you to consider in terms of design ability before deciding to choose one medium. DoctorSlide as one of the presentation slide design service providers that you can rely further about the quality of the presentation design.

Presentation Duration

Usually the duration of the motion graphic video is limited because in terms of manufacturing costs and the length of the duration. Whereas for presentation slides, it depends on the presenter. Motion graphic videos are suitable for short product preview sessions to illustrate at a glance about a product. While presentation slides are suitable for longer sessions (eg teaching classes, media sessions, etc.).

Development Costs

It is undeniable that developing motion graphic videos tends to be more expensive than presentation slides. However, this depends again to the expectations of developing a video / slide presentation.


If you want the full effect of animation, the motion graphic video is the right choice. Presentation slides can also be given animation effect but are limited given the intended purpose for verbal explanation at length.

At the end, all the decisions go back to you to determine the medium that suits you best, both in terms of expectations and costs. To be sure, everything depends again on the concept that you have and how you wrap the framework / plot.

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Disclaimer: this article originated written in Bahasa and being translated using Google Translate hence please understand if there's any mistake of tenses and/or misunderstanding that occurred. Thank you for reading!

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