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You need to know in advance that the presentation for job promotion does not always exist in all companies. Then, why we call it as job promotion presentation session? Because usually the time / timing someone is asked for this presentation is close to the time of the performance review such as in the middle of the year or the end of the year. And apparently the presentation like this is quite decisive because it is usually labeled with the title "Performance Report" or "Quarterly Division Review".

Is there any way to properly plan the presentation for this important objective?

Create a Clear Presentation Flow / Structure

Make sure you arrange the flow of presentations similar to the expectations of what the audience want to hear, such as the quick brief about last year sales achievement, upcoming innovations, strategics, and series of useful charts. Make sure it has reciprocal flow, where there is a background followed by explanation and current conditions.

Show Off Your Contributions

Don't get me wrong, show off here more into focusing on what kind of achievements/contributions that you've personally made. Because at the end, it's all about what you've contributed and whether or not you deserved the job promotion. This kind of 'contribution' slide plays an important role to determine the decision of audiences. Hence don't overstate it, make sure the data you've been shown is real and competent.

Why should they choose you?

In making a presentation, you must focus on the main objective about why you should be chosen for promotion. You can insert positive sentences related to your achievement, for example "All this hard work can succeed because of the support of the team who aren't easy to give up and I am proud of this team work" which reflects your leadership character. But remember, don't make it up. Make sure your sentence really reflects what you have done.

What are your long-term goals?

Get your own vision and mission of your life into the presentation. You can insert it as connecting phrase as "I always believe that work and life balance is not only a dream, but certainly a reserved right for every team member that will increase productivity and respect to the leader and company." Both long-term goals and life principles can be useful indicators for management team to assess how far you are ready to welcome new responsibilities. Good luck!

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Disclaimer: this article originated written in Bahasa and being translated using Google Translate hence please understand if there's any mistake of tenses and/or misunderstanding that occurred. Thank you for reading!

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