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You are a final year student who will soon face a final exam. You have done a long process for research through internships, direct interviews and series of quantitative research systems. How to combine it all into one impressive presentation? Let's follow the following tips from DoctorSlide.

Put Only The Conclusion on Your Slides

Do a quick filter toward your conclusions from the results of the research and just pour the important points into the presentation slides. Remember, the presentation session is limited and you need to focus on panelist. They will only pay attention to important things. Therefore, you can use numbers (charts) on your presentation slides instead of pouring a lot of sentences that actually make your presentation slides look full and boring. Make sure the number is also equipped with a brief description, for example "83% of legal practitioners are men".

Limit One Point for One Slide Only

To be maximal and effective, limit each slide to just one main point / topic. For example if you discuss about the solution where you have 3 solutions, then make sure these 3 solutions poured into 3 slides so your panelist can focus on what your main topic is and don't get distracted by having too much on their plate at once.

You Are Allowed to Make Animation Effect, but Don't Overdo It

Make sure you review the various animation effects that you enter into the presentation. Do not overdo it (like every component is set to move). Why? Because this will disturb the focus of the panelist's attention. You will also be considered as not serious kind of person if you overdo it. If you really want to use animation effects, you can limit the animation that aims to give the sequence of transitions in each sub-point in the same slide. For example, if there are 3 sub-points in one slide, you can give a transition effect (about 3-5 seconds for each transition - not too long, duration) per sub-point.

Utilize Voice Intonation

Imagine you are bringing important news or information as news anchors on national television. How will you present it? Is it just reading? Of course not, you will communicate it with special intonation (emphasis in certain sentences so that the audience can more easily understand). So do you at final exam presentation. Avoid flat sounds, especially flat faces. Combine the right voice intonation with excitement and it surely will let your panelist to participate enthusiastically in your presentation session.

Lastly, of course, always practice and practice before the day comes. Training with friends and parents will be very helpful, especially if they provide good input and constructive one.

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Disclaimer: this article originated written in Bahasa and being translated using Google Translate hence please understand if there's any mistake of tenses and/or misunderstanding that occurred. Thank you for reading!

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