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Each presentation should focus on the audience, both in terms of eye contact and the presentation content itself. Even if you are a presenter and feel confident enough that your powerpoint slide already a great tool to deliver the topic, it does not mean you have to sacrifice the audience's attention by displaying all the posts/words on the slide. Focus on what the audience needs to remember and know about the great topics of your presentation.

Tips and tricks you can try to implement in developing your anti-script reading content:

1 Slide 1 Conclusion Only

Type in one sentence of conclusion with a prominent font size about the central idea of your presentation;

Use Short Questions

You can use the question phrase as interesting content and make sure you use only one sentence for one slide of the question;

Take Advantage of Quick Facts

You can also use brief facts about what your background is in a conversation (example: 80% of smart people like you choose DoctorSlide to design presentations);

Need Longer Explanation? Print Handout

If you really need an audience to know more about what you're talking about, it might be a good idea to print a handout that contains more written content and again instead of displaying it on your presentation screen;

Font Size Must Be Readable

Create a fairly large font size and presumably can be read by all the audience without you need to repeat what you are describing.

So, there will be no more excuses that justify you writing down all the writing content in your powerpoint presentation slides. Instead, start simplifying your content and gaining feedback audience as you expect.

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Disclaimer: this article was originally written in Bahasa and being translated using Google Translate hence please understand if there's any mistake of tenses and/or misunderstanding that occurred. Thank you

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