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If you have chance to take a look on Wikipedia, "The Business Model Canvas" defined as a type of template for determining strategic decisions related to the development of new business concepts. This concept was introduced by Alexander Osterwalder which later became one of the important concepts that should be learned by startup founders when mapping and validating their business ideas.

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So how does "The Business Model Canvas" impact to the preparation of presentation? First of all, we need to know what is the basic thinking of the concept of "The Business Model Canvas" as follows.

Slide about Key Partners

If you are drafting a presentation for a business, make sure you can map clearly who are the key partners that you will collaborate with. Such as if you are going to run education business, then teacher or edu institution will be your key partners. This impacted to the audience that you will be in touch with and help you to address the quick facts of your business ecosystem as well.

Slide about Key Activities

Explain what is the focus of your activities in regards to achieve your desired goals. For example, if you are engaged in clothing production, then you can focus on activities on how to manage an effective supply chain in order to reduce operating costs and produce affordable products.

Slide about Value Propositions

List down kind of value that you promise to deliver to your potential customers so they want to use your product. What are the advantages / uniqueness of your services and products compared to competitors? This can be a good benchmark to create product slide about your product/organization.

Slide about Customer Segments

Try to explain what is the consumer character you are aiming for? What is their financial level like? Try to describe as much detail as possible so you can define clearly about what type of consumer persona you are aiming for. Clear market segments are one of the important pillars to define how you are moving into a marketing strategy later.

Slide about Channels

How will you interact with potential customers? What media / channel? For example, for fashion industry, the valid channels can be described as stores in malls to e-commerce platform. A specific explanation regarding the number of channels will also greatly help map the strength of the company and also cashflow indicators.

Slide about Customer Relationships

How are you going to establish relationships with potential customers? Will you dedicate a line of customer service who will handle questions 24 hours a day? Or rely on tech-automation functions that are widely spread through any communication channels?

Slide about Cost Structure

Write down the financing structure to support operational activities such as fixed variables (salary, building rent, etc.), non-variable variables (unexpected expenses) and various other important costs to ensure the company can survive. This will benefit you to project clearly about how the masterplan will be in long term.

Slide about Revenue Streams

How do companies earn income from their customers? Define the source of income. For example, sales commission of software licenses, ad spots to leasing assets.

After you are running through above points, this is the time for you to translate overall concept ideas into the presentation slides according to your business idea. Don't forget to beautify your slides' design with DoctorSlide assistance one you get ready with the content. We wish you all the best!

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