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Are you curious about how to persuade or negotiate with your important prospective clients / audience after a presentation session? Win-win solution is the most appropriate approach. Let's explore the short tips from DoctorSlide below.

Negotiate based on Actual Presentation Content

Remember, you should explain anything that correlated with the presentation content you've talked before. This will create a logical flow that builds a positive and competent image about you and your company. Don't let them think that you are untrusted just because of gap between what you talk now and before. If you need to adjust on some information, let them know by explain the background.

Explain the Reasons Why It's Useful For Them

Everyone will be happy to talk about their own greatness. Ops, you cannot do this when entering negotiation phase. Make sure you explain the argument why the products / services offered by your company can provide good benefits (or help solve problems) from your prospective clients. It's important to not over promoting your company goodness in front of them, but tailor made it into clients' needs instead. 

Mirroring Technique

Just like what it means, mirroring is defined as a technique of mirroring / resembling the behavior of your audience. You can make prospective clients more comfortable by equating intonation and adjusting the same body language to try to understand how they think. This technique will greatly assist you in finding out what is the problem of their company and how your company's solution can enter the realm.

Appreciate Their Decisions

Don't force it, whatever the decision made by the prospective client must have a strong reason behind it. Especially if they reject your proposal. Don't be discouraged and be frontal. Instead, respect them by thanking for the time spent (because after all, you have taken the proportion of their time). Say that you will always keep in touch for the possibility of future cooperation. We will never know how to predict the relationship between companies in the future, right?

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