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The following question/checklist aims to help you plan a successful meeting so you can achieve your goals easily. This is certainly a-must-have checklist for every meeting leader / manager since it might bring you to another thinking of creating a session. You can answer the following checklist on a piece of paper with a Yes / No answer option and accompanied by a brief description (if required).

  1. Have you set out the basic goals of the meeting?
  2. Have you identified what kind of agreement that you want to settle down with audience from the meeting?
  3. Do you already have an idea of who the participants will be joined? This question is to make sure you know who the major stakeholders should be involved in order for the discussion process to be effective.
  4. Do you have an idea of how the decision-making process will be done at the end of the meeting?
  5. Have you confirm the availability of venue and time? Have you confirm those as well with the schedule of your prospective participants?
  6. Do you have and prepare all the required equipment? Write down the complete list (if there is any)
  7. Have you created the rundown accompanied with the purpose of each point of the rundown?
  8. Have you sent the preliminary rundown to key stakeholders to make sure there are no points left? This question can help you get feedback when there are missing points from the meeting rundown.
  9. Have you submitted any reports or data that participants need to learn before the meeting?
  10. Have you prepared yourself and presentation slide content?
  11. Do you already have an idea for a stunning presentation presentation design? This question can help you in imagining the flow of the meeting and audience feedback when seeing the presentation. You can always ask for DoctorSlide's assistance to design flawless and professional presentation slides in accordance with the required deadlines.

Always ask the checklist of the 11 questions above and make sure that you have prepared every point carefully and thoroughly. Good luck in running an effective meetings!

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Disclaimer: this article originated written in Bahasa and being translated using Google Translate hence please understand if there's any mistake of tenses and/or misunderstanding that occurred. Thank you for reading!

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