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The changes of manager/boss, either your direct supervisor or investor (if you are an entrepreneur) can be a problem if you can't face it wisely. Especially those of you who are engaged in industry with a large employee scale. Turnover often create new challenges that cause you to experience new problems or dilemmas of how to deal with or adapt to this new leader. Here DoctorSlide summarizes some tips to deal with the problems of new bosses wisely.

Prepare All Information that He/She Needs to Know

It is mandatory for you to collect and summarize all the latest data and status of the company / division you are involved in. This is because it could be your boss will depend on the latest information delivered. Do not hesitate to summarize it in the form of slide presentations that are easy to understand (without having to insert a complicated excel data table to read unless this new boss asks for it). Preparing beforehand will overcome the gap of your conversation and can be a good start to foster a professional relationship with the leader.

Dare to Tell What The Current Challenges

You can also collect all the unresolved obstacles from entire team. Bring this up when you have a face-to-face discussion session with a new leader. If there is no invitation for this discussion session, don't hesitate to ask for it first. This discussion will certainly enrich the leadership knowledge about the latest conditions faced and open opportunities for you to get new ideas to solve the problem. It also allows you to propose new initiative/strategic ideas that have been postponed beforehand. However, never lie on data and situation, all must be transparently explained.

Become a Friend, Not an Opponent (Attitude Respect)

However, your boss can be older than you (although in some cases there are managers who are younger than you ). But anyway,  your new boss certainly have bigger experience and responsibility to oversee the division/supervise entire team. So it is advisable for us to respect the boss and put aside about age, in order to create a healthy working atmosphere. Respect defined as an appropriate attitude of communication and willing to listen. In reverse, your new boss will also respect back to you.

Build Discussion

There will a moment where your mindset is kind of clashing with the boss. This often triggers an emotional and subjective feeling. If it's happened, then try to formulate constructive opinions instead of trying to blame others. Always get used to your argument with valid data and build healthy discussion to overcome the problem.

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