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While making thousands of presentations' slides, DoctorSlide understand that every presenter would love to bring out the best of them to the audience. Unfortunately, there are still some misperceptions that lead to misplaced values for audience. Presenters tend to give what they consider as "valuable" and tend to over-telling, rather than seek out what is actually needed by the audience.

What kind of problem that your audience face? What do they need currently?

The definition of high-value presentation can be interpreted as something that is really needed by the audience. For example, you will be challenged to sell porridge to consumers who are actually looking for sweet cake (because they've been full of heavy meals before). Find out in advance what kind of problems which are usually faced by the audience and relate to solutions that can be provided by your company.

How do you understand audience problems?

The next stage to make a valuable presentation is to explore the pro and cons of the problems faced by the audience. Respect will there if you are understood and not just talking without knowing sure about their concern. You may utilize testimonials or true stories along the presentation slides so that the core of a problem becomes clearer and the audience will certainly pay full attention on your presentation session.

Try to fit in the audience's shoes, don't patronize them.

Even though you are trying to offer solutions to solve audience's problems, always try to stand in their position. In a sense, you should avoid using patronizing words (for example: "You must ...", "You are wrong because ...", "You may not ..."). Instead, use words that stand from their shoes like "I understand the feeling of being upset when that happens ...", "I am very angry when the problem comes like what you've faced". Create high value by appreciating the audience, not the other way around.

Leave a positive impression with attractive presentation design

Believe it or not, slide presentations (powerpoint / google slides / keynote) design plays an important part in creating value in your session. Avoid too-wordy and confusing presentation slides. Try to make as simple as possible and know what to do with the right icons to represent your thought. Contact DoctorSlide for further assistance especially with presentation design. Create value with ease!

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Disclaimer: this article originated written in Bahasa and being translated using Google Translate hence please understand if there's any mistake of tenses and/or misunderstanding that occurred. Thank you for reading!

Pictures credit to Pexels and DoctorSlide's asset

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