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In general, if you are creating a company presentation then you will tend to create one general deck that expected to fit with all objectives. In fact, some specific audiences with specific goals should be treated differently by customize your presentation slides. This will show your willingness to present what they want and not wasting time. 

#1 Purpose: For Direct Presentation

If you plan to directly deliver the presentation, it will be advisable to remove any specific or wordy content on your slides since you are going to inform it verbally. Nonetheless, we want every audience to put focus on yourself rather than on presentation slides. Remember, presentation slide is supporting your session, not vice versa. Unless if you are preparing a video presentation that you expect audience to direct listening to the explanation of video.

Your presentation content can be in form of full image placement that shows the logic thinking of your main idea (or the essence of your conversation). Make it one slide equals to one main idea, don't put too much details on it. 

#2 Purpose: For Introduction Read-Only Presentation

Sometimes, you may required to send presentation deck to client which means the presentation is not intended to be delivered verbally. This kind of presentation is usually sent via email hence you are suggested to convert the file in PDF format (to prevent illegal changes from outsider) and compress the file size to smallest size as possible (but still readable). Thus, your presentation will be lighter enough to be opened through smartphone or any device faster rather than sending the PPT format with original size. You can use some free site like to compress your PDF size. Not to mention that some client's server is restricting the limitation of email attachment less than 10MB only. This will absolutely answer those kind of technical challenge. Other idea is to put your presentation slides on cloud storage like Google Drive/One Drive and paste the hyperlink via email (don't forget to open the share settings to your client's email address). 

#3 Purpose: For Printed Kind of Presentation

Print-out presentation can be a good option if your presentation contains a lot of details data (such as finance report). Or even better if you have limited time of session whereas you need audiences to understand clearly the presentation idea by reading it while you are delivering the topic. Since you will print it right away then file size is no longer a problem. Suggested to have highest resolution as possible for printing the necessary presentation slides. As for the color options, assess back with your content. If your content is kind of charts that require different type of colors to distinguish each factor, then we suggest you to print in color option. 

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