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Having strong business networking is a good start for every professionals and entrepreneurs. Networking itself can be determined as professional relationships with coworkers in the same business field or in the same ecosystem. This can contribute great impact on long-term business for sure. 

How to Start the Business Relationships

You can easily start the relationship by introduce yourself at the first place and give out your official business card. This one can be done after you spot a target of coworker at crowd or business event for sure. After that, don't hesitate to discuss ideas and share business practice yet put asking what they are doing as well. If you think there's something similar and might benefit both of you, then don't hesitate to initiate cooperation proposal as baby step to move forward! 

Follow Up and Strengthen the Relationships

After you've done with verbal introduction and exchanging business cards, now it's the time to ensure whether the relationship is really working or not. Do several follow up activities such as sending thank you note (or keep in touch) kind of email, talk through phone/chat, do a direct visit to their office just for further discussion and you may ask any feedback toward the business industry with them. If they are interested to have meeting with you, just schedule a best fit date for you both. Bring along your laptop and presentation file just in case if you need to explain further about your collaboration proposal and more detailed explanation about your company for sure. 

Assess Your Business Networking

If you are already jump into some specific circle of relationship and still feel less benefit out of it, then maybe it's time to look for new business networking. You can easily get new network gathering by looking at internet such as site. Do have sort of checklist about what kind of networking partners that you want to engage with, like good intention to support/share and mutual cooperation in moving business forward. Set specific dateline that you want assess whether your relationship is working or not. 

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