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Once upon a time there was a young man who was intellectually smart and won many achievements as well as scholarship to enroll in famous university. After the graduation, this young man immediately pioneered startup business with his colleagues and enjoyed the glory days where they are quite successful. However, one day it turned out that this business partner deceived him and escaped yet all business assets gone. Everything just disappeared. This young man then suffered extreme depression and confined himself. Last reported that this young man still traumatized and mentally retarded for years.

Have you ever heard of something similar to the story above? We can draw a common ground here that in general people are taught to hate failure in order to focus on success. There is nothing wrong with that perspective. But it becomes a problem when someone misunderstood and form a mental/attitude fear of failure, rather than mental/attitude of brave to have failure. Humans are often consumed by the mindset of fear of failure and prestige so that they feel unable to face all the consequences of failure. In fact, we know that failure actually provides opportunity for us to know the weaknesses and gaps where we need self-evaluation. And of course all these things will provide a much better self-improvement for the future.

Similarly, if you fail to deliver a presentation session. Maybe your audience doesn't seem interested in your idea. Then will you stop to present for the next occasion? Certainly not. This is where you need colleagues who can provide good input on why this can happen. We must have sort of attitude that think failure as the most valuable teacher and accept all things as a constructive process. Don't just judge the final results. Always have sort of evaluation session at the end of the presentation to find what you can improve in the future. If your indicator of success has been achieved, you can try to set a higher bar of indicator so that the learning process continues to increase.

Remember, no one has achieved success instantly without learning how failure happened. Dare to fail means that you want to learn to be a better human character every day. Dare to fail is also a winning mentality that always dares to take the opportunity and consequences. Believing that failure is the process of forming a mature character. Create mental brave to fail start from yourself and your environment.

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