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Since this is the rise of technology startup era, Doctorslide invites you to study their presentation slides on what its good points that contributed to make these startups become successful.

1. GOJEK Presentation

Gojek is certainly the riding-on-demand application that you will easily spot whenever in Indonesia. This smart application that connects you with driver and any on-demand service, once framed beautifully in a series of presentations of its former leader called Alamanda. If you are looking on the slide above, half of the page is given for the picture area, while the other half is given for quote / statement (one short sentence, solid and clear). This is perfect formula when we want to focus on the things/words that inspiring the audience. Remember, the picture should be related with the statement.

2. Tokopedia Presentation

Tokopedia in its 5th year anniversary presentation was elegantly designed with icons and a solid short sentence that describes when Tokopedia was born. This presentation also looks clean and simple. You can learn to minimize point by slides with a 3-point strategy per slide, just like how Tokopedia create its presentation. Sometimes you need to leave a blank space inside your slide to make it look clean and professional (try to make it equal with the content to avoid emptiness).

3. Presentation of Bukalapak

Bukalapak as one of the big players of e-commerce mapped out his idea in 4 quadrants. Certainly reminds you of math quadrant when in school, isn't it? Well we can use this quadrant strategy as well to directly compare head to head concepts / analogies that we present. This kind of mapping concept will help your audience understand better about what you are trying to say.

4. Presentation of Lazada

Lazada, another giant e-commerce that has been long entered the Indonesian market also has a unique presentation slides. DoctorSlide strongly suggest you to cope with the way Lazada present the conclusion of 85ku smartwatch that directly paired with a picture of hand wearing watch. They also create a short easy-to-remember-tagline of "# 1 Watch Your Time" as a highlight before entering to longer explanation (remember to use font size wisely).

5. Buzz Feed Presentations

BuzzFeed as one of the startups that have been getting funding over $ 240 million also has an interesting lesson for us to use our website display screenshot. They are simply pointed out a brief description of each side of picture that allows the audience to understand what the purpose of our website is (this will help much whenever you want to showcase an application mock up where you need to help audience understand what are the Unique Selling Points of it).

6. Foursquare Presentation

Foursquare applications used to become a social trend because it allows us to find places of interest in the area around us. A lesson to be learned especially if you are pitching with an investor is to illustrate cooperation with other startups. Foursquare as in the display of one of the slices below indicates that Twitter has cooperated and get the benefit of Foursquare (do not forget to directly provide a snapshot view). This will create a natural way of endorsement regarding your startup by piggy back on your brand partner.

7. Swipes Presentation

An app that helps improve productivity by providing task manager. One of the slide of this startup presenting a timeline with simple icons that indicate which vision to bring this application into the next level (related to application development). Timeline is best frame to make sure audience aware about where your current position is and where you are going to run next. Keep it simple and super easy to understand!

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Disclaimer: this article originated written in Bahasa and being translated using Google Translate hence please understand if there's any mistake of tenses and/or misunderstanding that occurred. Thank you for reading!

Slide snapshot: courtesy of LinkedIn Slideshare

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