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You might found out that sometimes presenter create unnecessary mistakes that seems like can be avoided in the very first place. Don't let this happen at your session! The following DoctorSlide summarizes the 5 common mistakes that the speaker often have at presentation.

Using Difficult Terms

Many speakers unconsciously using difficult term/sentences when delivering presentation because they would love to be seen as expert on that field. Even worse that the term is not explained briefly hence made up some misunderstanding (since not all audience understand the same meaning). If the terms are commonly used and well-understood, then you can use it right away. However, some abbreviated terms need to be explained further about its meaning to make everyone on the same page. Just like when you are trying to explain about cryptocurrency, even though it is current hot topic, but you still need to explain briefly to avoid any misunderstanding. Make it short and brief explanation, for sure.

Doing Repetition of Sentences

Maybe your point is to reiterate what has been said before, but if a sentence is repeated in the same language again and again, then it will cause a boringness and monotonous. It's different if you repeat the same meaning (not the exact sentences) at the end of the presentation session for the sake of making conclusions. Remember, don't repeat too many same sentences until you look like you don't have another vocabulary. If necessary, you can use conjunction sentences such as "Therefore, it is very important to recall xxxxx".

Speak like Whispering

Whether you realize it or not, even though using a microphone / mic, some speakers seem to talk in a whisper. They don't use any intonations and clear voice so that the audience is really difficult to listen and understand the presentation context. Always remember that you are speaking to many people (not just one-on-one) hence it's mandatory to make sure your voice is hearable. Convey your words clearly with the intonation of the main sentences that you want to emphasize.

Doing too much movement

Without realizing it, we often do movements that are 'disturbing' when presenting. For example, clenching hands, legs moving around, and hands that cannot stop moving for a second. If you are trying to overcome panic, you can read the tips about it here.

One way of communication only

Because of the enthusiasm to deliver content, sometimes the speaker does not realize that he/she only conducts one-way communication. Means there is no interaction with the audience which usually indicates the speaker seems like "patronizing". Try to throw a few short questions or appoint random audiences to be asked to create two ways communication and make your session alive. Good luck with your presentation and make it best!

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Disclaimer: this article originated written in Bahasa and being translated using Google Translate hence please understand if there's any mistake of tenses and/or misunderstanding that occurred. Thank you for reading!

Pictures credit to Freepik

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