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A point of view that thinks office activity is just a routine activity will destroy our performance which give bad impact to our surroundings. So, what is the right way to address this? Quoted from the typical of successful people from the Liputan 6 site, this is the excerpts that you can learn more:

Focus on processes rather than end results only

Having a final goal is a good step to make yourself clear about direction and what to achieve. However, we must also pay attention on the process of achieving these results. Paying more attention to the process will provide you with a new perspective to always see how the ways / strategies that must be taken. This perspective will strengthen yourself in overcoming everything that happens beyond our control, for example when you run a sales strategy and your clients suddenly bankrupt hence you lose a significant potential income. But by focusing on the process, you can fight back and run other strategies because you have understood the process for the sales itself, not got trapped with bad result only.

Adapting Winners' Attitudes

By attending to any sport competitions can give an idea of how the mentality is needed to become a champion. Summed up the mental character that a champion has is as follows:

  • Don't take challenges as burden, but a motivation to keep moving forward
  • They set simple goal that is easily received and understood by our brains, that is 'to be better person every single day'
  • They engage in long-term mentoring relationships (between being a mentor and having a mentor where they have the opportunity to always discuss ideas)
  • They set goals clearly about what they want, not what others want

Be patient and committed

The pursuit of dream certainly cannot be done overnight. It takes time to continue to train the mind and tons of hours which ultimately required patience. Be patient and trust what you are doing will fruitful and continue to commit to do it. Something that is done continuously over and over will produce a much better and perfect effect.

Self Distancing Technique

Usually, if successful people in the world faced complicated problem, they will try to get out of themselves by asking what kind of advise/way that will be taken if this thing is happened to somebody else? The suggestions that come out of their thoughts when this happens to other people will be the direction to solve the problem. Self distancing is considered useful enough to see things objectively (especially if we position other people who experience problems, not ourselves). Have a productive day at work!

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Disclaimer: this article originated written in Bahasa and being translated using Google Translate hence please understand if there's any mistake of tenses and/or misunderstanding that occurred. Read the original version by switch this web to Bahasa version on upper right button. Thank you for reading!

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